We cover a number of different issue areas that are relevant to health and well-being of our whānau, hapū, iwi and communities, as we look to build and sustain thriving, well, people across Aotearoa

Sugary Drinks

Fizz Free Whānau

Fizz Free Whānau is a challenge to go without sugary drinks for the month of January, with the option to fundraise for healthy initiatives in your community. However, more than just a challenge, FFW takes a whānau-centred approach to awhi (care for) challenge-takers, and those struggling with nutrition, by providing ongoing support and education.


Nicki Jackson
Executive Director, Alcohol Healthwatch

We spoke with Nicki Jackson, Executive Director of Alcohol Healthwatch about the connection between alcohol and gambling. She says that the reasons people gamble, and the reasons people drink are often the same. What do you think whānau? #WhānauOverEverything #FOE #BeatGamblingHarm


This case study follows the start of an Auckland school-based action group. The Kelston community is made up of predominantly Māori and Pasifika, and the group formed to support current smokers to quit, prevent uptake and to work on a reduction in retailers selling cigarettes in the Kelston community.

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Gambling Harm Awareness Week is about raising awareness of the risks and harms associated with gambling.

Together, let's identify when gambling is getting out of hand and learn what to do about it.

Evidence shows that spending time with your loved ones and sharing rewarding activities together is a powerful way to protect them from social harms.


Lisa Te Morenga

No hard and fast rules for nutrition.