Lineti Latu

Stop the Stock in Keli-Block

This case study follows the start of an Auckland school-based action group. The Kelston community is made up of predominantly Māori and Pasifika, and the group formed to support current smokers to quit, prevent uptake and to work on a reduction in retailers selling cigarettes in the Kelston community.

What is needed to be achieve: the action group wanted to come up with a youth-focused solutions to the problem of high Māori and Pasifika smoking rates. Supply reduction was identified as a key solution.

The group set three main objectives it wanted to achieve;

  1. Raise awareness on the health and financial issues of smoking tobacco
  2. Reduce tobacco supply in our community
  3. Create a smokefree generation

Since the action group was formed in 2017, they have identified 5 local dairies in the Kelston community, forming a relationship with each of the owners, and building evidence to support local dairy owners, whanau and community to become smokefree.

The action groups key strategy is to reduce the supply of tobacco by supporting our dairies to go smokefree.  In April 2017, we visited dairies to view their perceptions of smoking. Similar concerns among our dairy owners raised were sales going down, loosing regular customers and lastly, their safety. The most interesting part was that all dairy owners were only interested to go ahead with the idea if all dairies were on board to do it together. Out of 5 dairies there was 1 who was not interested in participating. 2017, the action group were not successful in getting any of local Kelston dairies to go smokefree. However, evidence was collected, and our group of students were consistent with door knocking and reaching out to the Kelston community to see if people would support our local dairies to go smokefree. 119 surveys were gathered and 63% agreed for dairies in Kelston to go smokefree. This survey is yet to be completed.

Early Feb, 2018 the action group again visited their 5 local dairies, challenging our dairy owners again to go smokefree, “Just for A Day” on World Smokefree day, May 31st.  Discussions were held with these dairy owners based on how we would support them on raising awareness in the Kelston community, ensure security for their safety and media coverage to support the kaupapa.

To get the ball rolling, letters have been sent out to our Prime Minister, Health Minister and Associates as well as our very own Kelston MP. The team currently are working with the 5 local Schools within Kelston, finding ways to influence this generation of students on the factors and benefits of supply reduction. The schools situated in the kelston community are Kelston Boys High School, Kelston Girls High School, Kelston Intermediate, Kelston Primary and St Leonards Primary. The schools have been very positive agreeing to support the kaupapa. The next step is to email the Board of trustees to arrange with these schools a mufti day to show awareness for World Smokefree day and to support their local dairies.

In conclusion, our coalition team understands that tobacco is to available and needs to be reduced to help people remain quit and keep young people from picking up on the habit. Our hope is to reduce tobacco supply, encourage people to quit and empower and equip the next generation to be smokefree.

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