Leilani Tamu

Leilani Tamu is a mother, writer, poet, diplomat, and champion for her community. The daughter of New Zealand Rugby League Player, Bill Burgoyne, Leilani uses her experiences growing up in a whānau affected by gambling addiction, to advocate for a fairer, more compassionate, and more inclusive Aotearoa.

Leilani has written frankly about her experience, growing up with a father who suffered from severe gambling addiction, click here to read. She hopes that by speaking out about this issue, she can challenge the idea that gambling is a personal failing, or character flaw, and remind us that gambling addiction is a health issue, that needs to be treated as such. She hopes that by changing attitudes and assumptions about gambling addiction, we can focus on creating strong and supportive communities, and ensuring that those affected by problem gambling get the support that they need to be well.